Hear how HookahRev has helped fellow hookah smokers around the world. is my true love; that will never leave me, and has continuously shown me how to properly prepare a hookah session that is worthy of driving Zeus himself to prematurely relive himself in his toga. Time and time again I find myself believing that Jake Jacobson is my father, due to the fact that he guides me to the path to become a true hookah professional. Much like Willy Wonka Mr. Jacobson gently takes me by the hand and guides me through all the flavors of shisha. As I survey the colorful forest of endless possibilities Jake advises which alternatives are undeniably delicious, through his 6 years of experience. The preparation of hookah is better distinguished as an art form, as too science, thus we can imply that Jake Jacobson is the Leonardo De Vinci of our time. Through all the preparation factors stretching from packing a bowl, filling a base, and even the to the proper means to perforate foil, Jake has shown me the way. Mr. Jacobson has the ability to take me under his wing through his clear YouTube videos and most importantly the descriptions of his informative website,, to make me the hookah lover I am today.

Faithful fan, and follower of,


Ever since then I’ve watched every video HookahRev has put out. starting from video #1, every flavor review even if the flavor didn’t sound good I watched it anyway. HookahRev helped me make my smoking sessions more enjoyable for me and everyone i smoke with.


I have been a big fan of the videos for quite some time now. Its hard to find a review on YouTube who not only gives fair opinions but also such good video quality and descriptions. There are plenty of reviewers out there today but none are the total package that you get from HookahRev. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into the community to strive to inform and better this wonderful community. You took it upon yourself and for that I thank you. Hope you keep up the good work and keep pumping out reviews and information for the masses.

- Derek

Why I like HookahRev is very simple. I have been enjoying hookah for quite some time, about 8 years, so I consider myself to be well versed in the art of hookah. Over the years I have picked up tips and tricks the hard way by trial and error. I tried to find help online before and was met with disappointment. It seemed to me that most of the individuals doing so called “hookah reviews” where making a mockery of something I had come to love. Most offered no real help when it came to shisha  flavors. Usually getting responses like “its good” or “I like it” and no help with accessories. So I gave up on the online help. Until that is that by chance I came across the HookahRev videos on YouTube. I wasn’t sure if they would be any help, but I watched anyways. To my surprise here was someone who had genuine knowledge in hookah. He was analyzing and explaining problems that I had come across in my smoking past, giving a well thought out and intelligent answer. So I checked out some more videos. Again spot on to what I had come to learn from experience. Of course I immediately subscribed to this channel. I then watched some reviews on shisha I had wanted to try, But didn’t want to spend money on before I could smell them for myself. I decided to pick up the shisha I was interested in based on Jake’s review, and when I received it; the smell and taste was right on with how he had described them. So now before I make a decision on an item you can be sure I am going to consult the massive library of videos before I make a purchase. Oh ya I forgot the thing that truly sets HookahRev (Jake Jacobson) apart from the rest of reviewers is the fact that he will personally answer questions. To me that is a truly amazing thing. To end this I just want to say thank you HookahRev. Thank you Jake.

- Daniel